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Xcellence 4 Pc Professional Eyebrows Ingrown Hair Removal Tweezers Set With Case


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Xcellence Instruments

Titanium Metallic Series

Tweezers Measurements (Approximately)
Width: 0.39 Inches
Pointed Tweezers: 4 Inches
Other 3 Tweezers: 3¾ Inches

Metallic Purple

Non-Slip Grip
Ensure Comfort Grip

Made From Surgical Grade Japanese Steel Stainless Steel

Rust Free Titanium Metallic Finishing

0.4 oz Each Tweezers (Approximately)

Tip Type

4 Tweezers Different Type of Tips
Flat – Precision-Aligned Straight Tips For
Larger Application Purposes.
Slant – Perfectly-Angled Tips To Achieve High
Definition Brows.
Pointed – Precisely Aligned For Plucking
Stubble And Ingrown Hairs.
Angled – Ideal For Expert Brow Shaping,
General Tweezing And Precision Work.

4 Tweezers
1 – Flat Tip Tweezers
1 – Slant Tip Tweezers
1 – Pointed Tip Tweezers
1 – Angled Tip Tweezers
1 – Matching Color Leather Case

Keep Your Tweezers In Leather Case
Store It To A Safe Place When Not In
Use To Avoid Personal Injuries. Clean
Tweezers After Use, As Well As For
Better Tweezers Performance.
These Tweezers Are Designed For Use
On Hair Removal Only.


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